Participating Artists

Allison Kerek Williams
Annie Helmericks-Louder
Christopher Lowrance
David Babcock
Eric Stykel
John Louder
John Malta
Justin Shaw
Marco Rosichelli
Mark Farris
Maryanna Adelman
Matthew Zupnick
Melanie Johnson
Mick Luehrman
Natasha Hovey
Rahila Weed
Susan Stevenson

August 26 – September 21, 2019

The Gallery of Art & Design opens it’s 2019 – 2020 exhibition season with two exhibitions focusing on the professional practice of the UCM Art & Design faculty. The Annual Department of Art & Design Faculty Exhibition will be exhibited in the Main and Outer Gallery, while work by Natasha Hovey, Assistant Professor, Ceramics will open in the Gallery 115.

In the Main Gallery, the Annual Faculty Exhibition features a wealth of artistic mediums from painting, to sculpture, to drawing. The exhibition allows Art & Design Faculty a platform to showcase their professional practices outside their university duties. New to UCM, Natasha Hovey’s ceramic practice and research of the human physiology are often approached simultaneously utilizing metaphorical associations and microscopic imagery that seeks to make sense of her own being at a genetic level. With the use of the metaphor and anatomical imagery Hovey removes the body from its original context allowing a highly complex system to be stripped to its most basic elements. By translating her genetic information in this way Hovey is able to begin to understand the factors associated with genetic mutations, how these mutations occur, and her genealogy specifically investigating possible environmental factors.