The Gallery of Art & Design opens it’s 2015 – 2016 exhibition season with two exhibitions focusing on the professional practice of faculty of the Department of Art & Design. The Annual Department of Art & Design Faculty Exhibition will be exhibited in the Main Gallery, while new work by Marco Rosichelli, Assistant Professor, Foundations Coordinator will open in the Outer Gallery.

In the Main Gallery, the Annual Faculty Exhibition features a wealth of artistic mediums from painting, to sculpture, to ceramic works. The exhibition allows Art & Design Faculty a platform to showcase their professional practices outside their university duties. Rosichelli’s art is conceptually driven, responding to site with playful results employing a myriad of handmade, fabricated, and repurposed components. His work spans a range of modalities from social sculpture to institutional critique and the production of fine art objects. “Re-Made in China” stems from Rosichelli’s residency at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, the capital of porcelain production for nearly two millennia. He assembled about a dozen banal objects available at any big box retailer: a plastic bucket, metal lunchbox, flashlight, carved pumpkin soap dispenser, a tchochke of two kittens in a basket, etc. with the common denominator being that they were stamped or stickered “Made in China.”  Upon making the long trek to Jingdezhen, Rosichelli transported these objects back to the source country in order to collaborate with ceramic artists on site who could re-make the very same objects in porcelain.