Current Exhibitions

Exhibitions currently on display in the Main Gallery and Gallery 115

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Sarah Williams – Night Lands

Williams’ work is closely focused on her roots in the rural Midwest and the environments existing at the periphery that most people ignore. UCM’s exhibition will features new works from Sarah Williams’ Night Lands series.

The Wonder Maker’s Collective collaborate to develop new patterns, soft sculptures, and installations. Textile artist Mindy Sue Wittock and illustrator Jenna Freimuth combine their aesthetics and stitch layered embroideries, pen-palling them back and forth from MN to WI.

Annie Helmericks-Louder

Tree Talk: Forest Code – This series celebrates the natural characteristics of textiles and utilizes their folding, layering, sagging, and wrinkled irregularities to deliberately mimic land’s features and describe interwoven and complex relationships.

Requiem for the Birds – req·ui·em, ˈrekwēəm/, noun A Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead. A musical composition setting parts of a requiem Mass, or of a similar character. An act or token of remembrance.