Current Exhibitions

Exhibitions currently on display in the Main Gallery and Gallery 115

Xenofera is a strategic card game where players must recruit a crew, build cages and then use their crew and cages to capture alien creatures (Xenofera). The player with the most valuable collection of xenofera at the end of the game wins.

Xenofera ranked in the Top Ten Designs at the 2016 Stonemaier Design Day in St. Louis, MO.

A Gallery Kids event will focus on Jeff Porter’s illustrations on October 28, 2017.  Gallery Kids is an opportunity for children to discover new art exhibitions in the UCM Gallery of Art & Design with students of the UCM Art Education Program. Participants will create a unique work of art inspired by the exhibitions in the galleries.


These photographs were taken during rallies, demonstrations, protests, and marches dating back almost a decade to a few weeks ago. We photographed these events in the course of our work in covering politics and government for Show Me Progress, a progressive news blog, as credentialed journalists. Some of these images have also appeared in other publications, including metropolitan daily newspapers.

Jerry Schmidt is a photographer who lives in Warrensburg, Missouri. He is emeritus faculty, having taught photography at UCM for thirty years.

Michael Bersin is a founding member of Show Me Progress. He teaches music at UCM.

Schmidt and Bersin’s intent with these images is to show these individuals at their best and with respect.

Michael Sims established The Lawrence Lithography Workshop in 1979 in Lawrence, Kansas as a contract printing and teaching facility for local and regional artists. It provided a place where artists with little or no printmaking experience could collaborate with a master printer to produce original lithographs. It was one of the very few independent presses in the Midwest. Over time, the workshop expanded its operation beyond contract printing for local artists to an increased emphasis on publishing regional and national artists. Today most projects are done on an invitational basis with TLLW acting as the primary publisher or co-publisher, though contract printing remains a significant part of the business.